Zoe’s Story

Zoe a Miniature Pinscher has never liked having her nails clipped and her owner, Cari, had given up hope of having anyone be able to clip them until she spoke to Candace in a chance meeting outside of the salon. After speaking to Candace and being reassured that the team at Stylin’ Dogs had the skills and patience to work with Zoe to get her nails clipped to a nice, short length, Cari booked her in.

The first time Zoe came into the salon she was very nervous, as was Cari. Candace tried to put Zoe on the grooming table but she got so frightened she bit Candace and urinated on herself. We decided to not push her any further that time.

To her Mum’s credit, Cari brought Zoe back a second time. Candace slowly gained some of nervous Zoe’s trust and after about 20 minutes was able to put a muzzle on her to safely try and clip her nails. Zoe didn’t make it easy for Candace but eventually her nails were clipped while she stood on the ground with someone holding her lead.

On Zoe’s third visit, Elva and Candace worked together. Slowly, Elva was able to cuddle the unmuzzled Zoe and hold her firmly while Candace clipped one nail at a time with rest breaks between each one to help keep Zoe calm. After around 40 minutes, all her nails were clipped!

Each month, Zoe came back and every time, Candace, Elva and Claire were able to gain Zoe’s trust a bit more and get her nails clipped about 5 – 10 minutes faster until one day they were able to get all her nails clipped in about 5 minutes with no muzzle, just like most other dogs!

After clipping Zoe’s nails this way for a few more visits and seeing her become more and more comfortable, Elva decided she would have a go at doing Zoe’s nails on her own. She sat in one of the dog pens and cuddled Zoe (she had learnt to love the cuddles!) and clipped all Zoe’s nails on her own in about 5 minutes. Zoe was now able to have her nails clipped in the same amount of time and with one groomer just like any other dog.

It took a few months of 4 weekly visits but thanks to Candace, Claire and Elva’s patience and skill and of course Cari’s trust and dedication to regular visits, Zoe is able to come in any time without a booking and get her nails done on the spot with a tail wag and of course a treat at the end to say “Good job!”

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