Our Salon

Stylin' Dogs Belmont, Geelong

Stylin’ Dogs is a large professional dog grooming salon located at 108a High St in Belmont, Geelong.

Our salon is designed to be “cage free”. We do have large pens for dogs who like to be alone but generally we keep your pets either in the pens or running free in the salon socialising with other dogs. We generally run our appointments by time so your dog only needs to be here as long as it takes for us to groom them however they are certainly welcome to stay all day.

Our salon has heating and cooling for the comfort of your dog and has all the highest quality equipment such as electric tables. We strive to make grooming a positive and fun experience for all dogs and never push them beyond their means. Stylin’ Dogs take pride in the fact that we all LOVE dogs and enjoy spending time with them.

“Choose a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.”