More than just a pet groomer…

We get called all sorts of things:

  • “The dog lady”
  • “The doggy hairdresser”
  • “The dog wash place”
  • “The groomer”

Just to name a few.

The truth is we are more than just a business who offer a service. Did you know we are emotionally invested in your dog?

  • We actually miss your dog in between their visits.
  • We know how long we have been grooming your dog.
  • We cry when we get the dreaded phone call to inform us your dog has passed away.
  • We wonder where your dog is and if they’re okay when it’s been longer than usual since we have seen them.
  • We give them cuddles and play time as well as pampering them.
  • We know their unique personality and can tell if they are not acting themselves.
  • We notice lumps, bumps, warts and anything else that wasn’t there before.
  • We show off your dogs photo to our friends and family.
  • We smile when we see your dogs name on our schedule.
  • Your dog cheers us up if we are having a bad day.

We do everything we can to ensure your dog has a good experience when they come to Stylin’ Dogs. We are more than just a pet groomer…

We love your dog like they’re our own.

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