Frequently Asked Questions

Of course!

You are always welcome to drop your dog off early.

We are open from 8am and you’re welcome to drop your dog anytime before their appointment.

If we are running ahead of schedule we may be able to make a start on them sooner otherwise they will have play time with other dogs until their allocated appointment time.

We sure do!

For our “full clip” service we offer a discount of $5 per dog when bringing 2 or more dogs in at the same time.

Why not arrange grooming for your pooch at the same time as a friend or family member’s dog so you can save $5 each!

Stylin’ Dogs is a cage free salon for our clients.

Dogs are allowed to free roam the salon and play with toys and other dogs when they’re not being groomed.

We have large pens with beds for dogs who may be anxious and need their own space or unsociable with other dogs.

As a small business we do our utmost to provide a quality service at a reasonable price. Opening weekends would have meant a further increase in pricing to provide for overheads.

We instead decided to extended our weekday hours to 8am – 6pm to try and accommodate our clients.

You’re more than welcome to drop your dog off before work and collect them after work.

We charge a $20 Day Stay fee so we can spend time playing with them, supervising their play with other dogs and toilet them throughout the day.

Most days we are here at 7.30am to set up and back as late as 6.30pm cleaning up so we are more than happy to make arrangements for extended drop off/pick up times.

We recommend nail clipping not exceed 4 weeks.

If your dog’s nails are left too long in between clipping, the blood vessel inside the nail (also know as the ‘quick’) will grow long with the nail making it harder to reduce the nail length.

When the nail grows too long this can impact the way your dog walks and affect their muscles and joints.

Also as the dew claws do not reach the ground to be filed down naturally, they can grow back into your dog’s paw.

Stylin’ Dogs charge $10 for nail clipping only and no appointment is required.

Nail clipping is included in all our full clip, mini clip and bath with blow dry services.

We also offer a paw and pad treatment for $5 where we file the nails after they’re clipped and apply paw balm to your dog’s pads.

Staying whilst your dog is being groomed is not a good idea.

It can actually be quite dangerous. We work with sharp equipment and moving animals.

If you are where your pet can see you whilst it’s being groomed it’s likely it will want to try and get to you, making it more stressed and harder for us to do our job.  It’s also against our work safe policy to have anyone that hasn’t had a safety induction enter our grooming area.

Safety is our number one priority for the dogs, ourselves and our clients.

We quite commonly see when dogs are dropped off that they put on an award winning performance.  They will shake, shiver, put the brakes on walking in the door, hide behind their owner and other things to try and avoid their owner leaving them. The funny thing is as soon as you leave, your dog is prancing around quite happy!

Most dogs display these behaviours because either a) they don’t want to leave their owner or b) these behaviours have worked for them in the past to get their own way. It’s usually very unlikely your dog is behaving this way because it doesn’t like going to the groomers.

If you say things like “it’s okay!” You are actually reinforcing your dog’s negative behaviour. And if you are feeling worried about leaving your dog, your dog will sense your worry and in turn become stressed themselves. The absolute best thing you can do when dropping your dog off is to not be worried about your dog. Walk in like you’re super happy and calm and your dog will feel the same energy.

We can ensure you that the entire team at Stylin’ Dogs are very caring and experienced. We want your dog to have the best experience they can and closely observe their behaviours whilst they are here.

If we feel at any time they are genuinely stressed, we stop what we are doing.  We give them a break, a cuddle, a play with other dogs or toys, some time out in a quiet area etc. If we feel your dog is still not coping after we have tried every solution we know, then we call you.

The more often your dog is exposed to grooming, the more familiar and positive it becomes for them.

The team at Stylin’ Dogs are more than happy to have a chat to you if you’re concerned about any anxiety your dog may experience surrounding being groomed.

Not at all.

The team at Stylin’ Dogs are experienced in handling dogs of all behaviours and temperaments.

It’s quite common that dogs won’t particularly like certain things whilst being groomed such as having their feet touched, their nails clipped or being brushed.

As dog groomers a part of our job includes behavioural training. We work with dogs to overcome any issues they may have.

We have many stories of dogs that were previously aggressive, scared or naughty for grooming and after working with these dogs we have made grooming a good experience for them.

If you have a dog that can be difficult to groom, the Stylin’ Dogs team would love to help them.

It all depends on your dog’s coat type, the length you want to keep it or the lifestyle your dog lives.

Generally we recommend bathing be done around once a month.he build up of dirt and oils on your dog’s skin needs to be removed with shampoo and then conditioned to replace the moisture.

If your dog requires it’s hair cut then we recommend every 6-8 weeks.

Most of our clients are on a 4 weekly schedule where they have a bath, blow dry, brush out and nail clip every 4 weeks and then a bath and hair cut every second visit (every 8 weeks). This is our most recommended maintenance grooming timeline.

If you’re happy to keep your dog’s fur quite short then you can potentially go longer in between grooms, however keep in mind that you shouldn’t exceed 4 weeks for nail clipping and that long overgrown fur can become easily matted/knotty causing pain and discomfort to your pet.

If you’re wanting to keep your dog’s fur as long as possible then you may need to consider a more frequent grooming schedule such as 2-4 weekly.

For more advice on your pet’s particular grooming needs feel free to chat to the Stylin’ Dogs team anytime.

The brush we recommend depends on your dog’s coat type.

If your dog has a fluffy coat that requires haircuts you need both a slicker brush and a comb.

For dense coated dogs we recommend an undercoat rake, a slicker brush and a comb.

Short haired dogs (which seem to shed the most!) we recommend a rubber curry and a Furminator.

Not only is having the correct brushes important, it’s using the correct technique as well. We are more than happy to demonstrate these techniques.

Brushing ANY breed of dog (yes, even the non-shedding and short coated ones!) should be done at least once a week.

Stylin’ Dogs sell a range of brushes and can happily discuss which brush is the correct type for your dog.

Most of the time, yes.

Having the hair inside your dog’s ears is a personal choice on whether your prefer it or not.

It’s a controversial issue as some veterinarians and groomers believe the hair inside the ear is there to prevent dirt entering your dog’s ear canal, other veterinarians and groomers believe removing the hair enables air flow and makes it easier to remove any dirt or bacteria.

At Stylin’ Dogs we personally prefer to keep the dog’s ear canal as free from hair as possible however the comfort of your dog is always our priority.

Some dogs don’t flinch or move when we remove the hair from their ears, others yelp and dislike it.

Usually our procedure is to remove the hair, or as much of it as we can, without causing discomfort to the dog.

If you request we remove all of the hair, we will do our best, however in some cases you may need to do bits at home so your dog isn’t having to tolerate the removal of all the hair at once.

If you request we do not remove the hair from your dog’s ear canal then we won’t. Please be sure to let us know!

Every dog and their needs are different, we would love to chat with you about what’s the best thing for your dog.

Generally we don’t offer haircuts without a bath.

There’s a few reasons.

  1. We can’t get a nice finish on your dog’s coat unless it has been prepared properly.  All dogs that are groomed by Stylin’ Dogs are shampooed twice, conditioned and then fluff dried to ensure cleanliness and a high quality finish.
  2. Coats that have not been freshly washed can cause damage to our equipment. Dog grooming clippers, blades and scissors cost a lot to buy and maintain. Clipping and cutting hair that hasn’t been thoroughly washed and dried can severely affect the longevity of our equipment.
  3. Grooming a dirty dog can have an impact on your dog’s health. If we groom a dog with a dirty coat, the build up of dirt and oils can be pushed back into your dog’s skin. This can result in skin problems such as infections or ingrown hairs.

On a rare occasion we have exceptions where we will groom a dog without a bath. Usually this is a case by case evaluation where the dog may have a medical condition or a health risk that we have discussed with the owner.

If you have any questions in regards to the grooming process for your dog the Stylin’ Dogs Team are happy to chat anytime.

Your puppy should have it’s first groom as soon as possible.

We recommend that as soon as your puppy has finished their vaccinations that they have their first visit to a grooming salon.  (Most puppies will have their first vaccine at 6-8 weeks, 2nd vaccine at 10 weeks and 3rd vaccine at 14-16 weeks)

Even if they don’t need a groom, just introducing them to the environment, sounds and smells is a good idea.

Grooming is a really important part of your new pet’s life. The sooner you can introduce them to it, the sooner they will be comfortable with it!

We all want dog’s to enjoy their visits to the veterinarian and groomer just as much as the park or beach so make regular visits whilst they’re young as often as you can.

When both puppies and dogs visit Stylin’ Dogs, their time is spent not just being groomed, but also by receiving cuddles and play time.  This can help ensure your dog associates grooming as a positive experience.

Unfortunately from February 2020 we are no longer offering this service.

Yes you can.

Unfortunately part of pet ownership means at some point your dog is likely to pickup fleas.

The best way to combat fleas is through prevention by administrating a monthly flea treatment.

Stylin’ Dogs sell “Advantage”, a monthly spot on treatment in single packs. You can also purchase both tablets and spot on flea treatments at Veterinary Clinics and Pet Shops.

If a dog enters Stylin’ Dogs with fleas, we immediately spray them with a flea spray which will kill 99% of the fleas on them. (the other 1% usually hide in places like inside your dog’s eyes, ears and bum!)

We then wash and groom your dog as normal and recommend a flea treatment afterward to prevent the return of these yucky insects!

Spot on treatments should be used 24 hours after a bath for best results. The reason it’s best to wait is because when your dog is washed, all the oils are stripped from your dog’s skin making it difficult for the medication to stay on your dog.

It’s a common misconception that fleas are transferred from one dog to another, let us explain;

When a flea hatches from its egg, it attaches itself to a host (an animal). The flea can only survive on that one host for its life span. If that flea jumped from its host to another pet and tried to feed off the new pet it wouldn’t be able to survive.

For this reason, we are not concerned about your dog passing fleas from one dog to another in our salon like hairdressers are with nits (head lice).

The most common way fleas are transferred is though the environment. Fleas lay their eggs which usually fall into the ground where they hatch and the fleas look for a host.

So when your dog has fleas it’s important they are treated with a proper flea treatment to avoid the fleas from their environment coming back again. It’s a good idea to treat your dog’s bedding, toys, kennel etc also.

Here at Stylin’ Dogs we are extremely vigilant with our cleaning processes and ensuring our salon is sanitised correctly.

No we cannot.

Sedatives can only be administered by a veterinarian.

We would never administer any medications of any kind to your pet whilst they are at Stylin’ Dogs.

Some dogs may have been prescribed a mild sedative or Valium by their vet for anxiety and we actually prefer your dog doesn’t come to us with these types of medications in their system for the sake of grooming.

If a pet is stressed about being groomed then these medications can disable their “fight or flight” instinct making it extremely hard for us to read their body language.

The staff at Stylin’ Dogs are very experienced in reading all signs of a dog’s body language to gauge what they do and don’t like so we make them comfortable during their groom. If they do not display these signs due to anti-anxiety medications then it’s possible we will do something they don’t like which will result in further behavioural issues.

We like to accurately read your dog to work them through any negative associations they have with grooming and work on building trust and positivity with them.

If your pet requires sedation for grooming it is to be administered and supervised by a veterinarian at a veterinarian clinic.

We are more than happy to have a chat with you if you would like to avoid sedation to see if we can help make grooming a less stressful experience for yourself and your pet.

Yes we do.

The team at Stylin’ Dogs are experienced in grooming many breeds.

Candace has received awards for her miniature schnauzer and poodle grooms.

We regularly attend seminars and workshops to ensure our knowledge of grooming and breed standards stay current.

If you have a breed you would like groomed to it’s breed standard please feel free to talk to us about which staff member would be most suited and a schedule your dog would need to go on to maintain the breed standard.

Most of the grooming tables in our salon are electric or hydraulic.

This means we can lower the table to the ground, walk your dog onto the table and then raise the table to a height we can comfortably work on your dog.

We always allow your dog to sit or take breaks as often as possible during their groom. If your dog is more comfortable laying down for a groom, we have been known to lay down with them to keep them happy!

Stylin’ Dogs take extremely great care with all dogs, especially the injured or elderly to ensure we don’t put extra pressure on their injuries, joints and/or arthritis.

We have equipment that assists your dog to stand so we can get underneath them and we often work as a team to groom your dog more efficiently to reduce the time your dog is required to stand.

Here at Stylin’ Dogs your dog’s safety and comfort is always our priority.

Of course!

Here at Stylin’ Dogs we keep a record on your pet’s file about everything we do on them whilst they were here such as:

  • Who groomed them
  • What style or length we did on them
  • What they did or didn’t like
  • Any lumps, bumps or health issues we noticed
  • Any feedback you provided about their haircut for next time

So we can definitely look up your pet’s file to see which staff member previously groomed them.

When you book online at our website you can select which staff member you would like to groom your dog.

If you are booking over the phone or in person feel free to ask us to book your pet in with a specific team member if you have a preference.

Each team member also has a special interest in particular areas for example:

  • Candace loves grooming schnauzers, poodles and difficult dogs.
  • Hollie loves Australian Shepherds and King Charles Cavaliers.
  • Kate loves grooming small dogs and loves expressing her creativity with colour and Asian Fusion Styles.
  • Karalee loves brushing out dense coated dogs such as samoyeds and chow chows.

One thing you can be sure of is that ALL of the Stylin’ Dogs team LOVE all dogs no matter their breed or temperaments.

No matter which staff member grooms your dog you can be rest assured that your dog will be groomed with love and quality care.

Yes, they can be filed.

All of our bath and clipping services include nail clipping as a standard.

Clipping your pet’s nails makes them shorter but also creates a sharp edge.

We have an extra service called a “Paw and Pad treatment” where we file your dog’s nails to round off the sharp edge and also apply a paw balm to their pads to help keep them soft.

You can also use a normal nail file to round off your dog’s nails at home. We suggest to do this at evening time when your dog is a little sleepy whilst chilling on the couch with you.

Our Paw and Pad treatments are only $5 so be sure to let us know if you’d like to add this service on to your dog’s next groom.


This is something best left to your veterinarian.

There’s a lot of great products on the market to help reduce a build up of plaque on your dog’s teeth such as Oravet and Greenies.

The best thing you can do for your dog’s teeth is to actually brush them every day!

Having a pet groomer brush your dog’s teeth won’t do much as it’s something that needs to be every day or every second day at the most to be effective.

We also do not recommend the anaesthesia free cleaning that some companies offer as this is only a cosmetic clean and can cover up any underlying issues.

For anything internal such as inside your dog’s mouth and ears we advise you always speak to your veterinarian for advice.

Stylin’ Dogs exclusively use Melanie Newman Salon Essentials.

This range of products are made in Melbourne and contain only 100% natural ingredients.

For more information about the products we use on your dog please visit:

We recommend booking in advance.

Most of our clients make regular 4, 6 and 8 weekly bookings which means we book up quickly.

Usually we are booked around a week ahead but can book up around 6 weeks ahead during busy times and we book out months ahead for Christmas time.

We encourage you to request to join our cancellation list at any time because some days we run ahead of schedule and can squeeze another dog in or a client cancels their appointment last minute due to an emergency.

Another great reason to book in advance is to qualify for our VIP discount. For clients who book regular appointments for the whole year receive a discount each visit.

For more information about our VIP discount or joining our cancellation list please feel free to talk to us anytime.

You sure can!

Online booking is super easy by visiting our website and clicking the “Book Now” button.

It’s a great way to view our prices and availability.

If you’re unsure about what service to select for your pet feel free to ask us so you know for future bookings.

It depends how late you are.

The appointment time you are given is the beginning of a time frame we have allotted to groom your pet.

If you are running late it means the time allotted runs into the appointment time of the pet booked in after you.

Here at Stylin’ Dogs we don’t compromise on the quality of your pet’s groom, therefore we will not rush your pet’s groom to complete it in the remaining time if you arrive late.

Late arrivals will result in either:

  1. Us requesting you reschedule your appointment to another spot where we have the full time required, or
  2. Asking you to leave your dog with us for an extended period of time so we can try and complete your pet’s groom in between other appointments.  Both of these options will result in either a cancellation fee or a day stay fee as per our policies.

In order to continue to provide our services we appreciate you arriving to your appointment on time.  If you’re running even a few minutes late a courtesy call to let us know is much appreciated.

We encourage early drop offs so your pet can have a play before their groom. Even arriving 10 minutes early so we can spend time talking to you about your pet before their groom makes a huge difference to how smooth our day runs.

No we are not.

In 2009 Stylin’ Dogs was established as a mobile dog grooming business. We were only mobile for a few years until we transitioned into a salon in Belmont in 2012.

Our first salon was located at 75 High Street and in the beginning of 2016 we moved to a bigger and better premise which was is our current location, 108a High Street, Belmont.

We sometimes receive calls from people seeking a mobile dog groomer because people search “mobile dog groomer” online and Stylin’ Dogs still appears in the search results because it’s showing results from the words “dog groomer”.

There are many great mobile dog groomers in Geelong and we are more than happy to refer you to them.


Chihuahua, Maltese, Toy Poodles, Shih-Tzus, etc.

Up to 10 kg


Cocker Spaniels, Spoodles/Cavoodles, Collies, etc.

11 kg – 20 kg


Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Boxers, Labradoodles/Groodles, etc.

21 kg – 30 kg

Extra Large

Great Danes, St Bernards, Malamutes, Bernese Mountain Dogs, etc.

31 kg and over